When I first started this project in Assignment 2, I needed to produce three variations to choose from namely: context variation, aesthetic variation and accessibility variation.

Chosen Concept: Context Variation

Context Variation

This first concept had to be centered around designing an app for rural Australians who suffer from obesity and/or depression. The goal was to…

7-step processs

Brief C

The 7- step process helped me choose a brief for this assignment and I chose brief C; Goodlife Health Clubs. This process purpose was to help us better understand the client’s brief and goals. To do so, we had to answer the questions; why? who? when and where…

Beginning | Project Overview

UniLodge is an institution that offers students across Australia and New Zealand affordable apartments. The aim of this project is to create a new feature on their mobile app named “Roommates”. The UniLodge staff have cumulated reports of struggles from students to find the right roommates. …

Melanie Candasamy

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